The Latest Face of Proactiv: Justin Bieber

Like Jessica Simpson, Katy Perry and Julianne Hough before him, Justin Bieber is now Proactiv. The multi-platinum selling Pop/R&B YouTube singing sensation is the new spokesperson for America’s No. 1 Acne System.

As a part of its huge fan base of celebrity clientele, Bieber will speak to teens about being proactive about acne and skin care to help prevent breakouts as a part of the brand’s Be Proactiv marketing campaign. Bieber credits his devoted loyal fan base for discovering him, saying, “I owe everything to my fans. They found me on YouTube and they make this whole thing fun.”

The Latest Face of Proactiv: Justin Bieber

Proactiv has been proactive with their marketing to prove to everyone how well its product works on troubled skin. Bieber wants his fans to know that they don’t have to live with acne and his campaign, he says, is his way of giving back to them.

Bieber said: “This is kind of a way I can give back to my fans, by letting them know I use Proactiv and that it’s really easy – 1, 2, 3 and you’re done. My fans already know I’m just a regular kid, except the stuff about my life that’s not regular… like performing to thousands of kids and always being in the spotlight. But, I know that for a teenager, it doesn’t matter how many people are looking at you, you don’t want acne on your face.”

Bieber’s popularity is no mistake, his album My World 2.0, released in March 2010, debuted at No. 1 and was certified platinum in less than two months. He became the youngest solo male artist to have a No. 1 album on the Billboard Top 100 since Stevie Wonder in 1963. Bieber has over eight million fans on Facebook, and over four million followers on Twitter making him the perfect candidate for Proactiv.

In his promotional video for Proactiv, Bieber states: “I hold up the mic to my chin a lot and I noticed acne on my chin…” By using Proactiv’s three-step Combination Therapy system, Bieber is able to directly target the root causes of his acne and help his large loyal fan base achieve clear skin too.

Tell us, do you empathize with Bieber as the new face of Proactiv? Have you used Proactiv before?

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Allison McKenna