Review: The Look Pro Professional Makeup Launches Makeup Line & Lip Plumpers for BCA

The founder of E! Entertainment Television, Alan Mruvka, launched two new products just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The Look PRO Professional makeup debuts in time for BCA with two pink shades of natural lip plumper. While lip plumpers have mushroomed in the marketplace in recent years, it’s hard to imagine Sephora without Kim Kardashian’s LipFusion line, just to give one popular example. Since the buzz word “lip plumping” formed over the past few years, every brand has tried to up the ante.

The Look Pro Lip Plumper

The Look Pro Lip Plumper

The Look Pro Lip Plumper

The Look Store debuts two pink shades of natural Lip Plumper, and each is oil based and paraben free. The plumping effect is achieved by NIACIN (Vitamin B) and it also is extremely moisturizing. Yes, it’s a good gloss, ladies!

Priced at $13.50 each, the gloss has a peppermint flavor and tingles once you apply it. The one photographed here looks quite pink, a shade darker than cotton candy, but it wears sheer on the lips. Would I pay this much for a lip gloss? Yes. Did it achieve a lip plumping effect? Slightly, but then again I don’t want my lips to look like OctoMom’s.

Be sure to support the cause and get yours for $13.50 at The

What’s your go-to plumper of choice?

Charu Suri

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