Review, Photos: The Best Makeup Primers For Dry And Oily Skin

Hot, hot and hot!!!! On the streets of NYC, I see the effects of the oppressive summer weather on women everywhere. And most unattractive of all is sweaty skin. The trick to keeping makeup smooth and looking beautiful is a primer. Once considered an extra step, priming the skin has become mandatory if you want to achieve long lasting, flawless looking makeup.

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Simply said, they fill, smooth, and hold. They work like paint primers filling dings, evening out color and prepping for paint. The result: smoother walls, better adhesion and a lot less paint consumption. Or maybe you’ll relate to Spanks as an analogy. Think of primers as your favorite pair, hiding smoothing and holding.

Review, Photos: The Best Makeup Primers For Dry And Oily Skin

MAC Prep and Prime

Primers have become an essential step in woman’s makeup routines. So much so there are primers for the face, lips, eyes, even pre-self-tanning. Traditionally mainly silicone based, today there are silicone-free versions as well. The newest ones make secondary claims for acne, moisturization, brightening and anti-aging. Also available are tinted primers for evening out skin tone. So while on the expensive side, these multi-taskers are worth the price.

Review, Photos: The Best Makeup Primers For Dry And Oily Skin

MAC Skin Base

So, what are they? Containing waxes, polymers and silicones they form a bond with makeup allowing it to last longer on the skin; curtailing eye shadow creasing, lipstick feathering and makeup meltdown. Here’s the deal: you can apply primer to clean skin or after your moisturizer. You can wear it alone for a more perfect natural skin-look or under makeup. Once set, you can apply any foundation or tinted moisturizer. A good primer will improve the application process by allowing you to use less product. Makeup will slip on more easily and blend more flawlessly. Fine lines, wrinkles and sunken scars will be blurred and minimized. This is a product that really works.

Think of it this way, isn’t it worth the extra step to start your makeup application with better skin so to speak?

Before this post I wasn’t a true believer. But now… I’m in. I’m priming every day. Over the past week and during this heat wave, I’ve had a chance to test drive a multitude of primers. Overall, my makeup looks smoother, stays on longer – the end result…a flawless makeup application and better-looking skin.

Here are a few worth a try:

For a flawless makeup look and a smooth and long lasting makeup application

* Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer: A traditional silicone based primer, this product provided super smooth makeup application and really helped my makeup application look and stay looking fresh. This is my favorite Silicone based primer. $36.00

* MAC Prep and Prime Skin Base Visage: This product is great under makeup but what really impressed me is the way my skin looks and feels when using it without makeup. My skin felt so smooth to the touch and it looked more youthful and vibrant. Prep and Prime gives me the confidence to go without makeup. So for the days you want a bare faced, natural look Prep and Prime will enhance your skin and give it a fresh radiance. $25.00

* Tarte Clean Slate: Also a traditional silicone based primer but a bit heavier than Smashbox. It creates an amazing smooth skin finish and really held on to my makeup application and controlled creasing in fine lines and wrinkles. $30.00

For a lightweight feel, moisturization and anti-aging benefits (silicone-free)

* Tarte Re-Create Silcone-Free Primer: Provides a nice moisturized feel on the skin. If you don’t like a silicone feel this is a good choice. This formula also contains what Tarte calls Wrinkle-Rewind technology and has been clinically proven to provide a 67% decrease in wrinkles, 47% increase in firmness and 53% increase in skin’s moisture content in 15 minutes after application according to the company. $32.00

* Korres AntiAgeing Face Primer: This product is a good moisturizing undercoat for makeup. It contains Quercetin & Oak; antioxidants that Korres claims to improve skin cell functioning. So while prepping skin for makeup application, your skin benefits from moisturization and treatment against fine lines and wrinkles. And it smells amazing…I can’t get enough. $33.00

For Oil Control and Spot Application

* M-A-C Prep and Prime Skin Refined Zone: This formula is oil-free and works wonders on pores. It’s perfect for the t-zone area. It applies wet and dries to a smooth, matte finish. Refined Zone is great for oily skin. $19.50

* L’Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base: This formula work well for spot application to smooth out pores and areas of facial imperfections. It works wonders under concealer helping it last longer without settling into fine lines. It really creates a flawless look under makeup. $12.99

Andrea Phillips, cosmetic industry product development expert

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