The Romance of Powder: A Review of Caron's "La Poudre Vinitienne"

Every year, I mark it on my calendar with a heart, Cupid’s Big Day. And it has almost arrived! I already have my outfit all picked out, down to my unbelievable new unmentionables – but what to wear is a little more complicated than just picking out a sexy dress, hot pumps and creating perfectly tousled hair. It’s ALL about skin, sensuality and getting that perfect glow.

Caron La Poudres

Since nothing is sexier to a man than a woman in her bare state – it only makes sense to tease and taunt him with the look of raw sensuality and the slightest hint of what is to come, assuming he plays his cards right. This year, we found the perfect shade for perking up desire in the flirty flush of Caron’s opalescent La Poudre Vinitienne. This “I just had the time of my life – and am ready for the next round” pearlescent powder leaves skin looking like its aches to be touched, caressed and desired. You might have to swat his hands away, but the precious petal pink finish adds a luminous radiance of innocent sensuality, unbridled sex appeal and raw passion. Oui!

Caron La Poudre Venitienne

Dust on the kiss of color to amplify your Valentine’s Day outfit. Even better, the experts from Caron worked with dermatologists to develop the super-fine finish, so the mineral rich blend won’t irritate skin. And, thanks to the sultry addition of Bulgarian Rose, it even smells like seduction. If you are just going to wear one thing this Valentine’s Day (!), I suggest you choose this colorful veil of pure-pleasure.

Watch out cupid, there is a new match-maker in town!

Caron’s Le Poudre is sold at The Plaza Beauty’s retail shops located at the basement of New York City’s The Plaza Hotel. For more information, call (212) 223 4694.

Are you a powder kind of gal? Or do you just no longer bother with it?

– Elizabeth Engelhardt

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