The Year in Review: Worst Beauty Products of 2010

Much as we hate to disappoint makeup fans around the world, not every makeup product is created equal. Wait, you already knew this, right? It’s not like we’re telling a five year old the truth about Santa Clause (yes, we still believe in him, thank you).

We like to tell it like it is. While we don’t feel these were completely a waste of hard-earned cash, we just feel there are better options out there (check out our BEST of 2010 Makeup post here). Here are some products that we really feel “missed the boat” the past 12 months. After all, you don’t want them ending up collecting dust in your bathroom cabinet.

big curls

Hard Candy’s Big Curls Don’t Cry Mascara ($5): This isn’t one of better mascaras out there. The formula is thick, the brush size is huge and it is hard to manage the wand. The packaging? Well, it looks like something us ladies hide in their purses once a month. Yeah, it’s that tacky, and the tube broke (it wont slide out anymore after just one use) and the mascara doesn’t come off easily either. I woke up with raccoon eyes! The good news is that it’s extremely budget friendly so, it may work for you….you never know. If it does, leave us a comment below, will you?

Cargo’ Lumieres du Monde Holiday 2010 Palette ($29): I loved the look of the package, and the wonderful glittering eye shadows, but the shadows were almost impossible to work with. While the color looks amazing in the package, there was little to no sheen to them at all. The color was very difficult to apply, and so soft that even with the best brush, there was a huge amount of fallout. Pretty in the package does not mean pretty in the hand, or in this case, the eye. Sorry gals.

Boots – No 7 Eye shadows ($7.99): Once again, while the shades are so pretty in the package, I had to use at least three layers of color to get any kind of a base to work with. The shades are really hard to apply, and you need to pick up a lot on your brush or applicator. These don’t also blend very easily, which is really too bad!

Have you had some misses of your own in the makeup department in 2010? Spill! After all, sharing is caring.

– Elaine Hamilton

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