Review: Three French Cleansing Milks to Remove your Hallowe'en Makeup: Patyka, Sampar, Votre Vu

We’re assuming that your face will be spackled with paint this evening. Whether you’re getting Snooki-fied, or getting your face elegantly painted, you’re bound to take off those layers of makeup at twilight.

Here are three cold weather French Cleansing Milk picks that are perfect for dry skin (I have combination skin and had a pleasant encounter with them); furthermore, they’re excellent makeup removers.

Absolis Patyka Rosewood Milk Cleanser:

This gentle cleanser packs a big, lush rosewood scent. It is as intoxicating as whisky, and has a pearlescent glow that can rival MAC’s Sugarrimmed Dazzleglass. Rosewood as a plant is a very sweet, woody and sightly spicy floral, and this cleanser bottles the sweetness of the fragrance (there’s no spiciness per se). It thoroughly removes all skin oils and makeup.

This milky bottle retails for $45 at New London Pharmacy.

Sampar’s Velvet Cleansing Milk:

This is not as thick as the Patyka, so skins that are thirsting for a less creamy version of standard cleansing milk will love this formula. The key ingredients are rosewater, lime blossom water and an urban active complex that features mint leaf, shea butter extracts and vegetal and milk sugar extracts. This cleansing milk, I would say, is better suited for problem skin since it is light.

It retails for $39 here. We love this milk as part of Sampar’s Good Weekend Kit.

Votre Vu Lait Pour Le Visage:

This creamy cleansing milk uses sunflower seed oil as its base, which is an emollient. Light, fragrant and non comedogenic, this cleanser also has a regenerating property to it because of its ingredients (which also include jojoba oil, cereal extract, helianthus, ylang-ylang and rosewood essential oils).

If you’re into an anti-aging regimen as well, this cleanser is for you.

This retails for $29 here.

Charu Suri

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