Three Ways to Use Lashionista Modelista Mascara-Eyeliner Combo by PurpleLabNYC (Swatches)

I am a die-hard eyeliner junkie. I have jetted out the door, typical “New York Minute” style, wearing no makeup except my eyeliner (which to me – is like wearing a good outfit and killer shoes).

So, naturally, when my dear friend Karen Robinovitz unveiled a bevy of new products to the world at large on HSN, I simply had to have the Lashionista-Modelista Mascara-Eyeliner combo in After Dark.

Purple Lab Lashionista Modelista Swatches

This is a magical wand because it combines the Bonnie and Clyde, the Bert and Ernie, the Regis and Kelly of eye products: liner and mascara. It’s such a great pocketbook friendly wand and it could well be my Nimbus 2000. It retails for $32.50.The Modelista eyeliner contains sparkles made with real diamond dust, so it’s glittery, date-friendly and so subtly glowing that your eyes will feel fairy lit and special.

Here are three beautiful ways to wear your Lashionista Modelista (shown in After Dark).

Purple Lab Lashionista Modelista Swatches

Wear Modelista as a thick liner and coat your lashes with two coats of Lashionista.

Line your eyes once (on top only) with Modelista, and close your eyes and leave for a minute to dry. Then reapply the liner again for a thicker look. Here, I am wearing the Spring Forecast 4 Eyeshadow palette by MAC with shades Manila Paper all over the eyes and brow bone, Flip on the inner corner of the eye, and Aztec Paper on the outer crease of the eye.

Lashionista Modelista Swatches

Use Modelista as part of a smoky eye look.

First, apply a base eye shadow in Manila Paper (MAC Summer Forecast 4 Eyeshadow Quad). Then, I applied Modelista eyeliner just as I did for the first picture, then I smudged it all over the eyes (yup, I used Modelista as my eyeshadow — how cool is that?). Add a hint of the Aztec eyeshadow to give your eyes some pop.

Purple Lab Lashionista Modelista Swatches

Pure Lashionista with a strong eye shadow.

This look uses no liner – just lashes, lashes. I used the same MAC Cosmetics Spring Forecast 4 Eyeshadow Palette shade in Aztec and a smattering of Revlon Matte Eyeshadow in Venetian Blue. The trick is to use the blue on the inner crease of the eyes and then paint the rest of the eyes in Aztec. then use a veil of Aztec on the crease of the eyes (over the blue) to create a misty, hazy effect. Use several coats of Lashionista on your lashes to complete the look.

Charu Suri