Tips to Prime Your Skin for Winter

Snow has officially crept into the weather forecast, and with the colder conditions comes a change in strategy for keeping skin healthy and hydrated. Terese Linke, Global Education and Spa Training Director for Primavera natural skin care, shares her words of wisdom for tending to winter skin. The line recently made its U.S. debut from Germany.

Maximize efficacy: After cleansing, mist the face and decollete before using a moisturizer to condition the skin for optimal moisture penetration.

Massage gently: Warm moisturizers in the hands first, and then press into the skin. This avoids the pulling (read aging) effect of rubbing. Primavera’s Moisturizing Replenishing Cream includes organic fig oil to help prevent premature signs of aging due to dehydration.

Feed the face: When applying a mask, prep the face with a Seed Oil Capsule – it will feed the skin with essential fatty acids that will leave it soft, clear and radiant. Find one that will help nourish the skin, and also help reduce broken capillaries and promote cell renewal.

Look beyond the Java Jolt: After applying your eye cream. use the back side of a small espresso spoon and wipe under the eyes three times. This will leave the eyes feeling cool, refreshed, and awake for hours – ready to take on the day (and the snow).

What are your tips for priming the skin for winter care? For more winter skin tips, click here.

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