Top Celebrity Hairstyles for Summer 2011

The hot days bring new hairstyle ideas from the celebrities that inspire our looks. The summer 2011 makes its presence felt with stylish hairstyle notes, cute buns and updos and also romantic bangs and curls.

Here are some of the loveliest of them all:
Nicole Richie Sleek Bob

Nicole Richie – Bob with bangs

Nicole Richie is always on a lookout to set a trend in fashion. Her socialite figure is surely an inspiration so it is no surprise that her hairstyle is one of the most craved for this summer. The long bob with bangs is a neat one, requesting very little maintenance and in the same time making her look extremely cute.

Mila Kunis – Messy meets stylish updo

A long curled hair can become a classy messy bun. Mila Kunis followed the example of Taylor Swift and pulled the hair at the base of her head. Stylish twists secured with pins and the bangs near the face curled and let out from the hairstyle make this look perfect for the prom.

Emma Stone – Double knot with fringe

Long hair has always the privilege to be the most versatile. The double knot is one of the star updos of this summer. Simple enough to make but also extremely easy to wear with both casual and classy outfits, this is perhaps the hottest new entry in summer hairstyles department. Emma Stone went for a fringed look but you don’t necessarily need a fringe to pull it off.

Just gather the hair from the top of your head, split it in two, tie one knot using the two bangs, and add one more knot like you would to secure shoe strings. Pin the ends of the bangs and let the rest of the hair flow down. Of course you can use the entire hair to make the knots and in this case you will get a stylish bun.

Vanessa Hudgens Messy Updo Bob

Vanessa Hudgens – Messy bun

If you have curly hair mid-length or long you can obtain one of the most stylish hairstyles of this summer. A messy bun like the one of Vanessa Hudgens, pulled up on top of your head, curls sticking out and bangs flowing along your face will give you a chic, romantic look. Perfect for hot days no matter if you spend by the pool or if you are attending a cool party, this hairstyle calls for volumizing hair moose and a nutritive hair mask once a week.

Scarlett Johansson – Wavy bob

Scarlett is surely lovable and her most recent hairstyle makes her even more so. To look like her you will have to go for a slightly longer bob haircut with an even line. The beautiful free spirited wavy look can be obtained with a hair straightener. The right way to care for this particular hairstyle is to remember the conditioner and use a heat protection protein spray to keep the hair healthy and glossy all through the summer.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian – Long wavy and curly

Long hair will never go out of style. Sexy luscious locks are very much in trend this summer no matter if they are styled to look wavy or curly. Styling such hair will take time, effort and most of all top quality hair products to protect it from sun rays and sea water. So if you don’t fear the heat outside, let your hair down and find inspiration from Kim Kardashian. Looking like a reality show diva is a good idea.

Which one of these celeb looks strike YOUR fancy? Leave a comment below.

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