Top Cold Weather Skincare Myths Debunked

Curious about what to do or what not to do during the winter months? Here are some cold weather skincare myths, debunked, straight from Margot Grant Witz, Beauty Director at Elizabeth Grant Skincare. Are you guilty of falling for any of these?

MYTH: SPF is only for summer time.

FACT: This is the biggest myth out there. Even though the sun is shining the strongest in the summer time, it doesn’t mean the sun isn’t out for 365 days a year. Even on cloudy days, the sun can be damaging to unprotected skin. How? UVA rays penetrate even the thickest of clouds, and act as one of the most, if not THE most potent aging factors in the environment. Use a SPF everyday of the year and in 10/20 years you and your baby-soft skin will thank me.

MYTH: “I don’t need to wash my face tonight. I’m not wearing any makeup. And it’s cold… I haven’t been sweating or anything!”

FACT: Even if you’ve been makeup free on a chilly fall day, dirt, oil and environmental residue can make you break out. Not a good enough reason? Think of it this way… all of the air you’ve hit throughout the day has particles in it, sticking to your skin. Once you lay down on your pillowcase, this dirt is transferred, and ready to breed bacteria. GROSS! Change your pillowcase weekly to avoid this, and hair-care residue transfer, from creating a prime pore clogging culprit.

MYTH: “I’m broke from holiday spending and thus can’t afford quality skincare that is expensive.”

FACT: Yes, there are pricier products, but it is not the packaging or the price that matters; it is the active ingredients. Spending tons of dough on a product. Key drugstore brand ingredients include Collagen to firm, a combination of Salicylic Acid & Glycolic Acid to rid & prevent blemishes & oil and Vitamin C to refresh.

MYTH: “I have good genes, I don’t need a skincare routine.”

FACT: Although this is kind of true, it’s also a case of nature vs. nurture. Of course good genes go a long way, but taking care of your skin makes the good genes last. By practicing a good skin care regime, it helps to make sure that the harmful effects of nature don’t take their toll on your skin. Also remember – skin care doesn’t work overnight to take away or resolve your skin concerns, and if it does, its not long term. Take some patience, and 4-8 weeks, with any product to really see the difference.

MYTH: “My skin feels tight because it’s cold out.”

FACT: No, it actually means your face is stripped of its natural oils, kicking your skin into overdrive. What does that mean? It means the appearance of your skin takes a toll. Fine lines may be more noticeable and your skin may break out due to having to produce more oil. All in all, listen to your skin. Skincare is about caring for your skin. Not harming it.

Have a myth out there that you’re curious about or needs debunking? Share it below!