Trend Review: New Wrangler Jeans That Moisturize And Fight Leg Cellulite? The Denim Spa Jean, Photos

Trend Review: New Wrangler Jeans That Moisturize And Fight Leg Cellulite? The Denim Spa Jean

Forgot to put on moisturizer this morning? No problem! Just slip on some Wrangler jeans.

The latest in beauty news has incorporated fashion as well. The Cut reported yesterday that on January 28th, Wrangler jeans are launching their (and the denim industry’s) first-ever moisturizing Denim Spa jean line.

The beauty spa jeans come in three different flavors finishes: olive, aloe vera and Smooth Legs formula, which claims to help reduce unsightly cellulite. Ingredients consist of natural oils and butters such as shea, rosehip, kernal, apricot kernal and passion fruit oil. And what better way to market this latest skincare-fashion hybrid than by using one of the coolest girls around as its spokesperson: Lizzie Jagger. Lizzie professed in her Wrangler video,

“ They definitely feel cooler than regular jeans. After a day wearing Denim Spa, my legs feel great — they come out of Denim Spa jeans feeling more silky than usual.”

Without washing, the moisturizing effects can last up to fifteen days of wear. Once thrown in the wash, a reload spray is suggested (and will be available) to apply to the jeans. According to The Cut and Wrangler, the jeans can retain their cosmetic effect for around 67-95 wears.

But, are these moisturizing and cellulite-fighting jeans really effective? BeautyStat founder and cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson said:

“Most dermatologists and chemists don’t believe that you can treat cellulite with creams. Yes, you can make it less noticeable with a cream, but you can’t make it disappear.”

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Some causes of cellulite are unfortunately hereditary, but leading dermatologist Dr. David E. Bank elaborated, saying that cellulite can be caused by:

“…gender, race, slow metabolism, distribution of fat, and circulatory insufficiency. There are also hormonal factors, such as estrogen levels, degrees of insulin, issues with thyroid hormones, and prolactin cell can contribute to the production process of cellulite production.”

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Most likely, these jeans will benefit in making our legs feel more comfortable and hydrated while wearing them, but don’t hold your breath on wearing a pair of jeans to expel your cellulite. A nice and luxurious concept in skincare meets fashion. But the search to banishing cellulite for good continues…

You can purchase these jeans at starting January 28th, but some are now available on the site now for around $150.00!

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– Theresa Romano

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