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Tutorial: How To Do Facial Contouring With Makeup - An Alternative to Plastic Surgery
Con·tour (V): To mold into a specific shape, typically one designed to fit something else.

Contouring is an art form that, when done correctly, can completely change the contours of one’s face. It can be used to make the face appear narrower, the nose appear smaller, the lips more full, the jaw more defined and the eyes bigger — the possibilities are endless!

With this in mind, why is there such an upward trend in people having facial plastic surgery procedures? Plastic surgery used to be a taboo subject, with those who had tried it doing anything they could to prevent others from knowing their secret. In today’s society, it is seen as a status symbol. People who have had procedures openly flaunt it, with the media containing endless coverage of celebrities and their latest visits to the surgical chair to enhance their already perfect faces and bodies.

What kind of message is this giving to the youth of today? That beauty is only skin deep? That natural beauty will never be enough, and in order to be truly beautiful they will have to change the way they look? This is not a healthy lesson to be teaching teenagers who are already self-conscious and vulnerable to this way of thinking.

There is never a guarantee that a procedure will turn out the way you pictured it, and with plastic surgeons frequenting in the media due to medical negligence and botched operations — is it even worth the risk? After all, there is no going back. Women should embrace the body they were born with, because we are all beautiful in our own unique way.

Here is a video tutorial showing you how to contour the face, accentuating the areas you love and hiding the parts that you don’t:

It takes a lot of practice to master facial contouring, but, as with anything, practice makes perfect. Make sure you contour in a well-lit room, to avoid leaving the house with harsh lines and overly dark shadows covering your face.

To make things a little easier, here is a graphic that you can use as a quick reference:

Tutorial: How To Do Facial Contouring With Makeup - An Alternative to Plastic Surgery

Remember, there are other options than going under the knife; weigh them all before you make that life-changing decision. If you do decide that surgery is the only way forward, then make sure to pick a reputable surgeon who offers aftercare to ensure that you get the best possible treatment.

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– Niqui Stubbs

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