Valerie Beverly Hills Gloss for a Cause for BCA

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month Valerie Beverly Hills has launched an exclusive campaign: GLOSS FOR A CAUSE, which 30% of the proceeds of Valerie’s Luv Lip Gloss will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Valerie Beverly Hills Gloss for a Cause

Not only will the playful and flirty pink gloss make your lips feel smooth and silky, but it will also make your heart feel warm and fuzzy, knowing that you’ve contributed to a very positive campaign. “It was important for me to show my support and bring awareness to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation,” says Valerie Sarnelle, owner of Valerie Beverly Hills and makeup artist to A-listers like Eva Longoria Parker, Felicity Huffman, Miley Cyrus and many more. “Working with so many beautiful woman and making them look gorgeous on the outside for so many years, I want them to also remember to take care of themselves from the inside and take charge of their own breast health by practicing regular self-breast exams to identify any changes, schedule regular visits and annual mammograms with their healthcare provider.”

Valerie’s GLOSS FOR A CAUSE Luv Lip Gloss is $22 and is available by calling 800-282-5374 or online at The gloss is rich in Vitamin E, goes on super smooth and isn’t the slightest bit sticky. Luv’s pale pink color turns your pucker into the perfect platform for raising awareness about Breast Cancer Research.