Verrier Fall 2009 Backstage Fashion Week Runway

Verrier’s makeup was by far one of the most interesting. Maki, the stylist for MAC Cosmetics, says, “It is a French girl, very quiet, as though she did her own makeup and hair.” He mixed a style of punk and gothic by applying liner across the eyelid and erasing a bit in the middle. Colors used were MAC Blooz pencil that created a lovely dark blue color, and a shimmery blue eyeshadow called “Blue Flame.” No mascara was used at all.

There was a very natural shine on the skin and nothing on the lips except a bit of lip balm. The result? A very clean, inspired eye and wholesome skin. “The clothes are very beautiful and had touches of coral and blue,” says Maki. “The makeup complements this.”

Stylist Dai for Cutler who did the hair says, “The girls look like they haven’t had a lot done to the hair. The hair looks really pretty when it’s “natural.”” He used Specialist Treatment Protectant Spray on the hair to give it texture.