What Is Eyebrow Threading? Is It Safe? How Does It Work Video

What Is Eyebrow Threading? Is It Safe? How Does It Work Video?

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You’ve probably seen those eyebrow threading shops before, but what exactly does eyebrow threading involve? Usually, the shops have pictures of dark, perfectly groomed brows adorning the front of their windows, but that’s really all that’s revealed about the process. Whether you’ve tried it yourself, or are a tweezing or waxing fan, BeautyStat has the lowdown on the mysterious eyebrow threading method. Read on as we talk with celebrity eyebrow specialist Elke Von Freudenberg and Ramy Gafni, celebrity beauty expert, brow guru and creator of RAMY Beauty Therapy Cosmetics, who tell us how the process works; who would benefit from this hair removal procedure and its effects. Go on, those beautifully arched brows can’t define themselves!

First off, eyebrow threading has been around for hundreds of years, originating in India and Middle East. According to the eyebrow threading site, the hair removal technique involves the use of thread (usually 100% cotton) that is “twisted and rolled along the surface of the skin entwining the hairs in the thread, which are then lifted quickly from the follicle.” In contrast to tweezing or waxing the eyebrows, threading removes one line of hair all at once, shaping the brow much quicker and evenly; the method also is advisable for sensitive skin sufferers, since none of the hair follicles are stripped right from the root, which causes redness and irritation. Those using Retin-A or Accutane may prefer this hair removal procedure, as it is less harsh on the skin. It is less painful than tweezing or waxing, but not permanent — the re-growth of the eyebrow hair will become finer after regular treatments.

What Is Eyebrow Threading? Is It Safe? How Does It Work Video?

Threading may seem like a cheaper and even safer alternative, but is it really? Celebrity eyebrow specialist Elke Von Freudenberg, of the Model Brow Service, says that the process isn’t as painless as people make it out to be. “Since it is pulling out a lot of hairs at once,” says Freudenberg, “it can smart and hurt, especially if your skin is sensitive. “Most clients when getting it done have to help the technician in doing the service by holding the skin down in the area so they can work, as it takes two hands to thread.”

Elke also advises the sanitary concerns involving the hair removal process which involves, in some instances, the technician holding the thread in his/her mouth, which could get into the person’s eye. Threading can also cause some harm to the natural shape of your brow: If the thread is not moving in a straight line, the arch can be altered and the brow can become much thinner. It is also important to note that you make sure your technician is certified, and is using the appropriate thread (like cotton or silk), where as wool can irritate and scratch the skin.

If the process is so inexpensive, then why doesn’t everyone get it done, even celebrities? “Most people try it because it’s novel and very inexpensive. The consumer who is very particular about their brows would not get threading done, explains Ramy Gafni, creator of RAMY Beauty Therapy Cosmetics. Gafni feels that the best and most precise eyebrow hair removal technique is tweezing, “You are removing one hair at a time and can control which hairs you remove and what you leave behind.” All in all, eyebrow threading has been around for many years, and is effective in a number of ways. It is up to your personal preference if this is the right method for you.

So, tell us ladies… Have you tried eyebrow threading? If so, what were your experiences like? Would you give this a try? Let us know and comment below!

– Theresa Romano

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