Which Celeb Would You Kiss? Tell us to Win a Fishbowl of Binaca Breath Fresheners

Would you go with a long-haul significant other, longed-after crush, celebrity, or even a fictional character? Would you go for a new movie sensation like RPatz, or stick with a classic like Mr. Darcy? Hit us up and share your not-so-secret desire.

Binaca wants to make it easier for us to get closer – to a charming object of our affections, that is. Each tiny tube of spray contains sweet-smelling breath-freshener to kill germs and keep you ever-ready for a close-up. We love the fact that these breath sprays are so portable, and easy to carry in your purse or pocketbook.

Would you ever dare go on a date without some form of breath mint? Tell us your dating stories…we want to know!

And to win a whole bunch of Binaca sprays, tell us who you’d kiss given the chance.

Katharine McKenzie & Charu Suri