Why I Love CellCeuticals Skincare System

Let’s face it: we have so many skincare products and regimens in the marketplace that often we have absolutely no clue if they work or not. And too often, these contain marketing buzzwords like “anti-aging” “stem cells” “cell genesis” yada yada yada …

The average consumer is no idiot. She’s heard these promises before, so if a product over promises and under delivers, companies can kiss those profits goodbye.

Cellceuticals promises Visibly Younger Skin in Two Weeks. It also promises that the Skin Cleanser is Extremely Gentle, and that the two step skincare system treats visible aging and probes deep into the skin with its GFP Cellular Complex.

The line was developed by Garth Fisher M.D. who created the GFP Cellular Complex. This contains retinol, antioxidants, and the next generation of lipopeptides in a nanoemulsion delivery system.

The system is simple: use the Cleanser ($35) and follow with the AM moisturizer during the day; repeat the process with the PM moisturizer at night. The cleanser really is EXTREMELY gentle, and suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types. No burning or stripping moisturizer. Its almost like baby oil.

The Extreme Defense antioxidant treatment ($65) works during the day and works to treat wrinkles, texture and redness. It was light, non greasy and extremely moisturizing for me, and it worked well as a base to apply foundation and makeup.

The CellGenesis Regenerative Skin Treatment ($80) is a product you use at night to promote cell turnover, skin smoothness and skin tone.

The bottom line is that I was able to see results much faster than the promised two weeks, a fact that drove me to attain the jumping status of the proverbial Mexican bean.

Finally, a product that does what it promises. And that’s why I sound like an ad 🙂