Why your Hair Needs Philip Kingsley

That bald spot. The thinning hair. The lonely grey strands that make Indira Ghandi’s hairdo look like a Ken Paves special. Yes, the horror of owning terrible hair is almost as bad as Jen Aniston’s breakup.

So you wash and wash those strands, hoping that some tap water and scrambled eggs and mayo on your hair will really do what the magazines say they would. (I tried this once and had to call maid service). Or you go to that salon around the corner hoping that a good hair dye will give your tresses the shade you were meant to be: the exact color of L’Oreal Preference Shade Intense Red RR-06.

Or, you can follow the advice of hair care guru Philip Kingsley. Kingsley has been tapped by celebrities and royalty for years and is the author of two books: The Hair Bible: A Complete Guide to Health & Care, and Happy Hair Days: 50 Tips for Healthy Hair. Some of his strongest advocates have included Audrey Hepburn and Candice Bergen.

He coined the term “bad hair day” and has been a strong advocate of healthy hair from the outside and inside. Here are some tips (a sneak peek) from his latest book Happy Hair Days.

  1. Use “baby” shampoos. The best baby shampoos are your own shampoos diluted with purified water.
  2. Wash your hair daily!
  3. There is no such thing as “over conditioning” the hair.
  4. Healthy hair should stretch a third of its length before it breaks.
  5. Correct blow-drying does not damage hair.

There are so many more tips in this compact Britannica of Hair Encyclopedias, available at Amazon.com.

Among the products he gave me include the Re-Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner and the popular Elasticizer. This product should be used on wet hair, prior to shampooing.

It improves the quality and behavior of hair (without the need for a shrink), and restores suppleness, shine and bounce-really! When you try it at home, you’ll realize that there is no substitute to this product in terms of giving your hair a much-needed boost of elasticity. My hair became instantly more supple, as though it went through the gentle wash cycle with a sheet of Bounce Static Cling.

My other product favorites from Kingsley’s line include the Scalp Tonic which moisturizers the scalp and roots gently, without a greasy residue or feel.

I would definitely buy jars of the Elasticizer and stock up for all the seasons. No wonder several major magazines have given this tub of goodness high marks. Buy it at www.philipkingsley.com