Win a Free "Radiant You" Skincare Party, Courtesy of Dr. Hauschka -Review

Always wanted to host a skincare party of your own? Thanks to skincare genius Dr. Hauschka, you now can.

Dr. Hauschka Radiant You

Let us explain.

The new Radiant You skincare kit is a truly sensory way to care for your skin. Created with the core Dr. Hauschka belief that taking care of yourself better means caring better for others, this set (valued at $11.95) consists of an extremely aromatic Lavender Bath, a Facial Toner, a Cleansing Cream and a once-weekly mask.

Just uncap the Lavender Bath and you can inhale the pureness of the ingredients. Think fields and fields of fresh lavender, and pour half of the bottle into a bowlful of water (or into your skin). Swirl the essential oils until you can smell the essence, then dip a muslin cloth into the water and gently pat your face and decollete (do this for around 15 seconds).

Dr. Hauschka does not believe in the method of rubbing the skin up and down but rather, a quick pressing and rolling method with a damp muslin cloth to stimulate the circulation in the skin.

After the calming lavender bath, put a little amount of the Cleansing Cream (about a half inch) on the palm of your hand. Add a few drops of the lavender water into the cream until you get a creamy paste, then press the cream on your face starting with the forehead with gentle, relaxing touches. Repeat this process for 1-3 minutes, and then remove this cream with the muslin cloth dipped into the lavender water again.

Finish the cleansing process with the fragrant toner. Use the mask for 20 minutes once or twice a week for best results.

Now, we know the kit is valued at $11.95 but Dr. Hauschka will send you kits to host your own skincare party, in the comfort of your own home. Here’s how the Party Program works: there’s nothing for you to sell or buy when you decide to play host. Invite between six and twelve guests and provide Dr. Hauschka with the name and email address of each guest. You’ll receive the Radiant You kits about two weeks after you submit the host form which can be found online starting April 2011. All the company wants in return is for you to share the video/ photos from your party with Dr. Hauschka who will choose favorites and post them on to inspire others to join the community.

The Radiant You sets come for Normal and Oily/Combination skin types. To host a party of your own please fill the form ONLINE HERE.

We hope you will choose to host your own Radiant You party. Enjoy!

– Charu Suri

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