Winter Dry Skin? The 3 Minute Shower with Body Conscience

Everyone loves a hot shower, and yours truly is guilty of this every day. After all, with the temperatures dropping so rapidly, who doesn’t like to indulge in a hot waterfall each day to soothe down the daily grind?

And the statistics are impressive: if you cut down your daily shower routine by just 1 minute each day, the planet could save 160 billion gallons of water each year. That’s a lot of water for the planet to save!

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is precisely the reason why Body Conscience was created. The idea behind the brand was the 3-minute shower with body polish (exfoliation), cleansing and moisturization in one.

Being a vegan, I’m really conscious of everything that I put in and ON my body. So I am thrilled to discover that Body Conscience is free of petrochemicals, parabens (seriously!…ZILCH), sulfates, chemical sunscreens and cruelty free. All the packaging is biodegradable, of course.

Body Conscience’s founder, Barbara Schiller, is a mother, chemist and entrepreneur; Gayle Schulman is the President — both of them are incredibly passionate about conservationism and ecology. I had the good fortune to meet both of them and learn about this incredible line which I hope you’ll really take the time to try out — it deserves to be experienced!

The Products

body-conscience-Body Polish in a Bar

The 3-Minute Shower Bath Bar comes in three varieties. The Champaka/Neroli (shown) is for sensitive skin and has butters and also organic fine sugars to gently exfoliate skin. It’s also nut free. I liked the sensitive skin version of the bar but I found it a little difficult to bathe with. It doesn’t lather like most soaps (well, because it’s sulfate free also). It really is very good for sensitive skins but if you want a soap that lathers, you may find this product is not for you. The White Orchid Vanilla version is for all skin types and contains brown sugar for exfoliation, and the Ancient Amber/ Black Cardamom version has walnut sheets and bamboo for deep exfoliation.

body-conscience-body polish

The 3-Minute Shower in a Jar ($65) is an exfoliant that is brimming with organic coconut and butters. I have the White Orchid Vanilla and I simply love the scent. This is a very effective product and it makes me feel like a natural woman – seriously! You can seriously skip the lotion after this ritual. It comes in the same flavors as the Body Bar (Champaka/ Neroli and Ancient Amber/ Black Cardamom). You can also get refills of this product without purchasing the container. Oh, and I love the hand carved wooden spoon and dish for the body bar; they are fashioned from reclaimed wood and handcrafted in Vermont.


The Body Veil ($75) is my favorite product in this line. It is a silky, dry mist that is made from essential oils. The light dry oil has kept my skin beautifully conditioned and soft throughout these harsh winter months and it smells AMAZING to boot. If I were to put a golden star on any of these products, this Veil would get it, for sure. It’s also nut free for those who are allergic. The mist also comes in the three varieties I mentioned above.


The Body Balm ($65) is a luxurious treat for the skin. It’s small in size and therefore very travel friendly. The Champaka/Neroli is my favorite.


Pedipebbles ($55) are a great invention, and a real sweet treat for the feet! These pebble-like butter stones are full of essential oils, sugars and pumice and they are bite size too. They exfoliate and treat feet beautifully. It’s like bringing the home spa in a box.

FTC Disclosure: We received products to test for editorial purposes