Without a Trace

It’s almost as fun as winning a Golden Ticket from Willy Wonka or seeing Britney Spears sashay at the MTV Video Music Awards last year when even her shoes completely failed the Breathalyzer. It’s cute, it’s quick and it’s soft as a rabbit’s foot, and you’ll never remove makeup the same way again (yes, toss those Medieval era liquid makeup remover bottles off your rooftop). Trust Jane Iredale to keep us entertained post and pre revelry.

The Magic Mitt is made with micro-fibers that are several times thinner than human hair and when they become wet, they can remove surface tension of oils in makeup. Our mascara disappeared like Michael Jackson’s original nose and our stubborn blush, foundation and cheek stain became passe with just one use. The mitt also promotes the health of the skin because its natural acid mantle is unaffected.

Makeup tools are becoming more efficient and portable, thanks to technological advances and some good intramural-style competition, and we can luckily profit. This tool is perfect for a long hike (dip the mitt into the gurgling brook and erase traces of makeup), or that spur of the moment elopement. It could even be the “one product to grab from your house in the event of a fire.”
The cotton balls and liquid makeup remover can crouch under your floorboards in shame.

Jane Iredale’s Magic Mitt retails for $15 at various retailers. Check www.janeiredale.com for locations.