Would you Organic Beauty your Baby? Lavanila Baby Line Debuts at Sephora

If you were born in the late 1970s or 1980s, you probably grew up with Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Oil and Powder. In fact, this smell was so familiar to me as a child that I still feel such a sense of comfort in slathering on my baby oil every chance I get, especially to heal redness and to calm skin. But as a kid born in the late 1970’s, I had absolutely no idea that babies could get the Organic treatment, as they can now.

I’m sure there are several moms out there who would invest in a lifetime’s supply of organic cotton onesies and bedding and make sure that there no toxins dare enter the baby’s vocabulary, let alone the closet. But the question is, would your Organic Beauty your baby?

I’ve always been the hugest fan of Lavanila candles at Sephora. Each time I’ve walked into the store, I’ve gazed at the aisles of cosmetics, each one richly studded with every beauty gem imaginable from perfume to eye lash curler, and felt close to something called JOY at the sight and smell of Lavanila’s gorgeous three wicked candles. Yes, a flame is burning as I type this, and my office smells something close to Grenada or St. Vincent.

Now, Sephora is unveiling its only baby line from Lavanila Laboratories. You can imagine there would have been stiff competition from several baby beauty lines to get their baby feet into Sephora’s door, and there’s a reason that they picked Lavanila.

Lavanila Baby Laboratories

Lavanila Baby Laboratories

This line is full of products that have gone through rigorous Baby Safe Test standards, and each product is paraben-free and completely natural and organic ingredients. Sulfates? BYE BYE birdie. Synthetic Dyes? Ix-Nay. You can really trust these ingredients like you trust your mom (and not your politician).

So, what else do they contain? Well over 30 vitamins and minerals, for one, including precious ones from A,C,E (which sound like the New York City subway lines), and Iron, Magnesium and Potassium. They are hypoallergenic and also tested for sensitivity (parents, toss that notion of baby diaper rash out the window).

They also contain Noni Juice (a Polynesian botanical); Organic Calendula Flower and Organic Aloe.

The collection contains a Healthy Baby Wash ($16), Lotion ($15), Baby Bottom lotion to calm redness ($15), Baby Butter ($14), and sunblock ($20).

I don’t have children (yet), but trust me that when I do, I’m going to buy barrels of these products. They soothed my skin from redness when I had a particularly harsh day in the sun, and the creams glide on like velvet on the skin (plus they are nice, thick and gooey as cupcake frosting but don’t leave any greasy residue).

Drop us a line if you purchase these products to let us know if you’re a fan. Because, we are.

Charu Suri