YogaWorks Gives you Five "Lunch Break" Detox Tips

YogaWorks’s Yogi Irina Ovsiannikov gives you five tips to detox your afternoon. Because who hasn’t wanted a cup of joe’s at noon?

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Photos are by Heather McLaughlin

Detox Spinal Twist

Fun fact! Twisting detoxifies the body. It also helps relieve back pain and discomfort and helps relieve shoulder tension. This is great after a night out.

Sit straight on your chair, both feet on the floor. Take a breath in and as you exhale twist your body to the right first. Bring your right hand behind you, hold the back or side of your chair and bring your left hand on to the right knee. Let your head follow. Hold for 5 breaths, come back to center and then repeat the same twist to the left.

Goodbye Carpel Tunnel Wrist Release

Hello typists and internet addicts…ever heard of this dreaded affliction? This simple exercise takes the pressure off your wrists and palms.

Extend the right arm straight out in front of you. With the left hand, grasp the right top of the hand and gently press the hand toward your chest keeping your arm stretched forward. Hold for 5-8 breaths. Try to keep your spine lifted your chest open. Repeat with the left hand.

Stress-free Forward Bend

We don’t mean to sound like a commercial, but who hasn’t had tension in their lower back and hip? This exercise stretches the back of the legs and helps relieve stress when the hip is higher then the heart.

Face away from your table and bring your hips on to the edge of the table top. Keep your feet wide apart (hip distance or wider) and bend your knees, and make sure you feel stable support from your table.

Take a full breath in and as you exhale bring your torso down toward the floor. Take hold of the opposite elbows and relax your head in between your upper arms. Take 8-10 breaths here. At the end of breaths, slowly roll up to an upright position one vertebra at a time.

Be a Friend to Your Feet and Back Stretch

Finally…an exercise I can actually do in my office that helps relieve lower back and hip pain. The culprit? The dreaded, lumbar support-less office chair. This exercise soothes the heels and feet from walking/wearing high heels or tight shoes.

Sit straight in the middle of your chair, with both feet on the floor. Bring your right ankle on top of your left knee and flex your right foot. Keep your foot flexed through the whole stretch. Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale slowly tilt your chest forward in the direction of your right foot. Hold for 8 breaths, close your eyes if you’re comfortable. Switch sides.

Mid-day Pick me Up Seated Stretch

When we found out this helps you to avoid feeling sleepy in the middle of the day, we were all over this exercise.

Sit up straight on your chair with both feet on the floor. Inhale and stretch both arms overhead and interlace your fingertips. Turn your palms toward the sky, keeping your fingers interlaced and breathe for 5
breaths. Think of length in the torso as you breathe, and soften your front ribs. Reach for the sky. Repeat a few times a day as necessary.