YSL Spring 2011 Makeup Collection - Product Review

“The color caresses her bare skin and illuminates her porcelain complexion: her cheekbones intensely flushed. Her lips kissed with in a vibrant pink petal. The intensity of her piercing eyes, heightened with graphic inky blues.”

YSL Spring 2011 Makeup Collection

No ladies, this is not a romance novel or your latest issue of Cosmo. This is Yves Saint Laurent. This 2011 Spring Collection exudes the season of Spring with it’s fresh shades of bright pink, coral and velvety peach among many others.

YSL Spring 2011 Makeup Collection

This limited edition face highlighter is the ultimate beauty enhancer and is suitable for all complexions. This palette has the look of cashmere. I wonder if it has the feel!

YSL Spring 2011 Makeup Collection


The creamy texture of Creme De Blush turns into a light powdery film once applied. It’s described as “velvety soft, light and airy”. Presented in “go anywhere cases”, the blush is available in three natural shades: Velvety Peach, Rose Powdery Rose and Silky Praline. Two “Couture” shades are also available in Fuchsia Temptation and Passion Red. The names of these sound luscious!

YSL Spring 2011 Makeup Collection

YSL spring 2011

Other products in this collection include Mascara Singular, Ombre Solo and Golden Gloss such as Golden Impertinence and Golden Irreverence. Each of these products are $30.

These gems are available February 2011 at www.yslbeautyus.com. Which one will you purchase?

~Amelia Keith, Editor of PrettyintheQueenCity.com

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