Zoya's Fall 2010 Nail Lacquers: Wicked and Wonderful Collection

Zoya has played into the archetypal images of the bad girl/good girl with their fall collection of Wicked and Wonderful nail polishes. The Wicked collection, six micro-glitter polishes, and the Wonderful, six cremes, instantly conjured up images of Elphaba and Glinda in my beady little brain, but the folks at Zoya went another route, and named all the shades after the ladies of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. Whether you go in for reality television or not, at least some of the polishes will earn a place in your fall nail repertoire.


Carrie Anne – a cheerful pinky red microglitter

Karina – dark pink microglitter

Kym – thoughtful burgundy microglitter

Cheryl – rusty brown microglitter

Julieanne – disco-fabulous purple microglitter

Edyta – exotic green microglitter


Kelly – sophisticated grey crème

Stacy – bright plum crème

Burke – magenta crème

Kristi – candy apple red crème

Cola – cherry-soda brown crème

Shawn – a mix of olive and forest green crème

For ladies pressed for time this fall, the Wicked polishes looked great with a single coat, since both the colored glitter and the pigment of the carrying polish popped on the nails, but the Wonderfuls definitely needed the usual two coats to look respectable. The polishes retail for $7 at www.artofbeauty.com, but samplers of Wicked or Wonderful (a set of six each) go for $36.

Zoya Edytya

Zoya Kelly

Zoya Cola

Zoya Karina

Wicked: Julianne

Katharine McKenzie