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Adam Lippes Fall 2009 Runway Backstage



Backstage at Adam Lippes gave us insight to how colorful fall can be. Before this show, we had witnessed a pretty stark, colorless face palette. But MAC’s makeup artist, Romy Soleimani, says that “the inspiration came from Japanese watercolors and there’s a lot of color for Fall. The clothes are colorful and the makeup complements that. There’s a lot of layering of color.” Romy used makeup that had fine micas and fine pigments over the face.

Eyes: Beautiful Iris Eyeshadow

Cornflower Pigment to make the eyes pop

Teal Pigment on lower lids

Lips: Liperase on the lips

The hair was done by Laurent Philippone for Bumble & Bumble, who said that everything in the collection was done to complement the rich clothes and makeup. “Basically, I felt the makeup and clothes were very colorful, so I did not want to do a dramatic hair.” The look was fresh, straight hair that did nothing to distract from the colorful pigments of the clothes.




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