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Universal C Skin Refiner

“The Rolls Royce of Serums.”

- Oprah Daily

The First and Only Stabilised 20% Pure Vitamin C Serum Clinically Proven to Brighten, Tighten and Firm.

Groundbreaking Universal C Skin Refiner Brightening Vitamin C Serum

Formulated with a potent 20% concentration of Pure Vitamin C

Contains stabilized L-ascorbic acid, the purest variant of vitamin C

Utilizes a patented encapsulation system for maximum potency

Experience unparalleled results with rapid age rejuvenation benefits


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The Vitamin C Serum Celebrities Are Calling the “Holy Grail”

EASY AS 1-2-3!

See How Your New Universal C Skin Refiner Works


Use Morning & Night

Apply 1-2 pumps of the serum as your first step after cleansing. Use twice daily AM & PM for best results.


Feel the Tingle!

You may feel a slight tingle as the 20% pure vitamin C begins to activate revealing a brighter, firmer, and glowing complexion.


Use Daily

For optimal results use Universal C Skin Refiner & follow with BeautyStat’s Universal Pro-Bio Moisture Boost Cream.



Proven to Transform Your Skin in Just 4 Weeks!

100% saw:

More even skin tone

Smaller pores


90% saw:

Younger looking skin

Reduced fine lines

Firmer skin

Healthier skin

Improved skin texture

* Results based on instrumentation measurements and image analysis of 32 consumers who used the Universal C Skin Refiner 2 times a day over a period of 4 weeks.

The science behind the only stabilized serum in the market

The ingredients that make all the difference...

Stable, 20% Pure
Vitamin C

(Stable L-ascorbic Acid)

Formulated in our patented serum to brighten skin, fade dark spots, firms, lifts, and treats fine lines and wrinkles, while also protecting skin from environmental damage that causes premature aging.

Rich Squalane

Delivers hydration that locks in moisture without clogging pores by mimicking your skin’s natural oils. Helps to reduce the look of fine lines and softens skin’s texture.


(Epigallocatechin Gallate)

Derived from the most active component of green tea, EGCG is a powerful anti- inflammatory that is vital in anti-aging as it soothes the skin reducing redness, dark spots, and slows signs of aging.

Tartaric Acid

This natural exfoliant helps to unclog pores and balance the skin’s pH so all ingredients can absorb into the deeper absorb into the deeper layers of skin, providing faster and longer lasting results.