Where No Vitamin C Has Gone Before

  • 20% Pure & Stable

    No beauty brand had yet to formulate this notoriously unstable ingredient in its purest form (L-ascorbic acid) at 20%, its optimal strength.

  • No oxidation

    Our delivery system is impervious to oxidation, giving you optimal results every time.

  • Triple patented

    Our proprietary elastomer gels not only stabilize pure L-ascorbic acid, but also provide an elegant texture and undeniably velvety matte finish to the skin.

Our Groundbreaking serum

How did you do that?

Ron created a new technology that would, after five years of research, become BeautyStat's triple-patented, proprietary, elastomer gels: an encapsulating system that not only stabilizes L-ascorbic acid but provides an elegant texture and undeniably velvety matte finish to the skin.

But Why Vitamin C?

Considered the "Holy Grail" in skincare, Vitamin C in its purest form has many beneficial effects on our skin. Vitamin C can reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, shrinks large pores, fade dark spots brighten complexion, protect your skin from free radical damage and more.

Clinically Tested & Proven Results

  • 94%

    Saw reduction in deep lines and wrinkles.

  • 75%

    Saw improvement in hyperpigmentation.

  • 100%

    Of consumers agree more even tone and smaller pores.

  • 90%

    Of consumers agree firmer, healthier skin, reduced fine lines and texture.

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