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(Review): Easamine, A Breakthrough Technology for Anti-Aging Skincare

We’ve all done it—searched for the legendary fountain of youth.  My personal quest started at the tender age of 17, when I demanded anti-wrinkle eye cream.  The woman at the Benefit counter thought I was insane but she happily handed me a receipt after my 20 minute justification.  It might have been a bit excessive, but I really believed that you can never start preventative measures too early.

Fast forward 12 years and I am still on the hunt for the ideal regimen to suit my skin.  I’ve tried mixing and matching drugstore brand cleansers with boutique moisturizers and homemade toner.  Night creams, day creams, tinted moisturizers, firming lotion, you name it and the odds are I have attempted to use it on my face—and I have the damage to prove it.  In all of my trials, I have learned one thing over and over, science really does hold the key to cell regeneration.

Easeamine Skincare

Last year, two Doctors from Massachusetts developed a line of anti-aging skincare exclusively utilizing Adenosine Technology when they stumbled upon a very interesting anti-aging find.  Adenosine has the ability to increase two of the most important proteins responsible for reducing the appearance of wrinkles that occur over time.  Brilliant.

Easeamine is a 5 step skincare line consisting of a gentle daily Cleanser, Toner, lightweight Day Creme, miracle working Night Creme and velvety Eye Creme.  After 4 weeks of sticking to the easy regimen, my dry, abused skin has an incredible glow and the texture is amazing.  As far as the fine lines—gone!   But how?  The non-invasive damage repair line works to increase collagen production and elastin naturally to restore vitality.  The non-invasive skincare routine reduces wrinkles, hydrates dry spots and delivers an overall firmer appearance while renewing cells to tone, brighten and rejuvenate.

Science doesn’t lie – Easeamine reaches deep down into pores to provide a true transformation and it is truly worth the price tag.  On top of that, each purchase of Easeamine provides funding for charity programs in Millbury, Massachusetts.  I’m sold!

Elizabeth Engelhardt

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  1. I too use Easeamine skin cream regiment. I had rosacea and believe it or not I have not had one outbreak in the two years I have been using this product. This product is incredible and the causes they contribute to makes it worth the price.

  2. I too am always looking for the best “anti-wrinkle” creams or lotions. I look forward to trying this one, especially since all the profits go to a charity.

  3. Would love to win a great shincare line.

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