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Review: Repechage Biolight Brightening Miracle Mask – For Skin Clarity And Radiance


Repechage is a skincare company that specializes in harnessing the nutrients and nourishing properties of seaweed and bottling them in creams and gels that are fit for all skin types.  We did a video interview with the company founder and their cosmetic chemist here.

And just in time for the Fall/Winter season, they just launched a new facial mask.  The Repechage Biolight Brightening Miracle mask contains EcoCert Seaweeds, Willow Bark, Goto Kola, and Licorice extracts, as well as glycolic and Kojic acid designed to “target discoloration and reveal a glow that lasts.”

Review: Repechage Biolight Brightening Miracle Mask - For Skin Clarity And Radiance

I was a little wary of the pale green color; I have used green masks before and they are too drying for my skin. But this had a light, fresh sent—think of a meadow on a sunny, summer day—and so I overcame my apprehension. I followed the directions and applied a thin coat (avoiding the delicate under-eye area) after I had cleansed my face. Unlike some other masks, which crackle when they dry, this one seemed to be absorbed by my skin; after ten or so minutes, I hardly saw it at all.  I washed it off and then used my regular moisturizer.  Skin felt and looked fine.  But the real surprise was in the morning. I awoke looking so pink, fresh and invigorated! Usually I am quite pale in the morning.  So this was a pleasant change.

For the record, I did not notice any difference in terms of the discoloration that had been promised.  But the “glow” was right on target and I loved the result. I plan to use this product at least once a week from now on.

This product retails for $45.00 for a 2.0oz tube. Visit www.repechage.com or call 1.800.248.SKIN(7546) for more information or to purchase.

– Yona McDonough

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  1. I am on a confusion that whether to use this product ….!!
    I am dark in color…..I have an oily skin….after using this repêchage biolight brightening
    will this dark skin tone of me changes into a white skin tone….?
    will this have any side effects…is it natural….???

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