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Review: Vichy Aqualia Antiox line: Skin’s own Stem Cell Treatment

At last, a stem cell treatment that’s not wracked with controversy. The scientists at Vichy recently located the skin’s adult stem cells in the basal layer of epidermis. Translated, that means these super-powered regenerating cells still on the bottom of the top layer of our skin. Once the white coats found them, they started working on a serum to protect and replenish them. The new Vichy Aqualia Antiox line ($28-$45 at www.vichyusa.com, and drugstores) uses citrus polyphenol, a naturally occurring compound, along with vitamins C and E, to boost performance of stem cells. In non-scientific terms, it gives you back your glow.

Vichy Aqualia Moisturizer
Vichy Aqualia Moisturizer

Like Philosophy’s Miracle Worker systems, the Antioxidant Fresh Serum comes in two separate containers that you, the consumer, combine and then refrigerate for maximum freshness. Because the serum contains 10% vitamin C and no preservatives, this refrigeration is crucial to maintaining the product’s effectiveness. I also imagine it would feel awfully good to smooth in on to sunburned skin, not that any of your plan on getting sunburned ever again.

Vichy Aqualia Serum
Vichy Aqualia Serum

The complementing moisturizer, Pro-Youth Antioxidant 24Hour Hydrating Fluid SPF 12, contains the same ingredients as the serum, but also uses Vichy’s signature thermal water full of rare minerals to offer the skin 24 hours of hydration with each application. A word of caution: If you plan on extended time in the sun, put on a sun block with a little more muscle. Finally, the Anti-Fatigue Ice-Effect Eye Stick delivers these benefits to your eyes in a compact container that immediately chills a puffy eye area.

Vichy Aqualia Antiox Eye Stick
Vichy Aqualia Antiox Eye Stick

These products, designed specifically to reduce damage by oxidative stress (like sun damage) start showing results after 1-2 weeks, with the full effect coming to light in 3 weeks to a month.

Katharine McKenzie

Editorial Disclosure: A sample was provided for editorial consideration



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