Need Blackberry Botox? How to Avoid Texting and Tweeting Wrinkles

Are you addicted to your Smartphone? If you’re like most of us, the answer is yes: you’re grabbing that phone every few minutes for each little text, tweet, or Facebook update.


How many of us have been guilty (yes, I do it too) of checking your email in the middle of the night? I’m in the same camp. But could you be doing harm to your skin and eyes, possibly causing wrinkles from squinting at a tiny screen or frowning over alarming news?

Elizabeth Taylor

Actresses in the 1960s and 1970s, like Ms. Taylor, certainly didn’t text, tweet and frown the way the Millennials do

Smartphone-related wrinkles are the latest condition that doctors attribute to overuse of technology. Dr. Brian Glatt, a New Jersey board-certified plastic surgeon, is seeing more and more of what he calls “Blackberry Botox” patients. “Younger women are actually developing premature wrinkles from gazing at their iphones or blackberries all day,” he says.

Dr. Brian Glatt on Blackberry Botox

Brian Glatt, MD

While we may not realize it, small lines can begin to form (like a furrowed brow) and frown lines along the mouth. So how can we prevent these early signs of aging?
Here are a few tips from the pros:
Take a small break:

Step away from that phone! Give your eyes a rest. Take time to relax your eyes a bit. It will help reduce eye strain and relax your facial muscles. The same is true if you stare at a computer screen all day.
Try turning the light on your screen a bit lower:

Too much light and contrast can cause you to narrow the eyes to take in the brightness. You’ll find the ability to adjust the screen in your “settings” feature.

Smartphone Botox
Try enlarging that text:

If you find yourself struggling to read the small text on your Smartphone and start holding it so close you wrinkle your nose to try to read it, enlarge the text by simply going to your settings and changing the text size. The zoom function can be a fantastic thing .use it to focus in on images on your device so you can see much more clearly and avoid pulling the inner eye.
Look after your eyes:

A simple thing like just relaxing and massaging around the eyes can make a big difference in preventing those lines that starts subtly but can get deeper and more pronounced. Not only will your face be serene looking, you will feel more serene and in a much better state to deal with any inbox disasters.

Elaine Hamilton

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