Review, Photos: Ahava Mud Exfoliator With Dead Sea Salt For All Skin Types

The BeautyStat community of beauty obsessed ladies can’t get enough of facial scrubs. Some of their faves include those from L’Oreal, Arbonne as well as Kate Somerville.

So when we received a sample of the new Ahava exfoliator, we gave it to our expert evaluator, Deanna to give it a test drive.

Review, Photos: Ahava Mud Exfoliator With Dead Sea Salt For All Skin Types

I was more than excited to try Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories Mud Exfoliator for all skin types. This product prides itself on the fact that its ingredients come from the actual Dead Sea also known as the Salt Sea. You know the body of water that is known for having healing effects on the body as well as the skin. My feeling was if I could not go to the sea, than bring the sea to me.

I started using the product about 2 weeks ago and I was definitely happy with the texture. I was using another exfoliator that definitely was tougher on my skin. This had the perfect mixture of cream and salt to make my skin feel thoroughly refreshed after washing with it. It was not abrasive at all and my skin reacted great to it.

It was very easy to get the product out. It was a screw off top with a small hole to squeeze the product through. Also the size was 100ml 3.4 fl. oz. I thought this was a great amount. Small enough to feel like it was a special product, but definitely enough to use it for at least a few months.

The smell was very fresh and mild. I definitely feel it improved the look and radiance of my skin.

I would recommend the product.

Grade: B+

– by Deanna Perl

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