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8 Best Tips To Position Yourself For Future Success In The Beauty, Fashion, Creative Industries - 2nd Annual CEW 2014 Beauty Salary, Career, Job Market Trend Report

8 Best Tips To Position Yourself For Future Success In The Beauty, Fashion, Creative Industries - 2nd Annual CEW 2014 Beauty Salary, Career, Job Market Trend Report

All this back-to-school talk has us feeling very studious and interested in what’s going on in our wonderful beauty world. Back in July, we were invited to the 2nd Annual CEW 2014 Beauty Salary & Job Market Report, giving us a sense how executives, managers and staffers are compensated and the general mood in the job market. Guest speakers included Lisa Marie Ringus of 24 Seven Inc. and Sarah Willersdorf of The Boston Consulting Group who talked about current job market trends — in a survey that included over 800 beauty professionals — in the creative, beauty and fashion world, and what it takes to stand out from the rest.

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Basically, what’s trending is finding the absolute best talent out there, with those game-changing Millenials (ages 24-32) changing the whole workforce aesthetic. Every day, people put their best foot forward to showcase their skill sets with a can-do attitude and ripe resume. While in attendance, we came up with some key job market trends for you to keep in mind of for your next job search to land your dream job!

1. Join the CEW Beauty Career Center. Members can connect on a social level to find job postings, tools, information, mentors and the connections you need to take your career to the next level, or, discover the best talent for your organization.

2. Identify a good company. Even if your first or second job isn’t what you dreamed off, make sure to find a company with room for growth. Just because you start at a low-paying position doesn’t mean you won’t be able to move up the ranks. Even if you have to start out small, be assertive and open.

80% of talent were approached with a job opportunity last year

3. Companies are looking for game-changing talent. Creative companies are looking to grow their culture with individuals with an impressive and flexible skill set. More and more companies are working with their employees and are becoming open to the prospects of telecommuting and comp days to appease their employees’ busy lives.

4. Be accepting of temporary/contract work. Especially if you are starting your first entry level or are a recent graduate, there is always the chance for full-time employment if you work hard and meet those deadlines!

5. No typos on your resume! A resume is a first impression. So be detailed, concise and REVISE, REVISE, REVISE!

6. The rocket fuel of any company is the engaged employee. Companies want their employees to be happy at their jobs, and believe in their mission and vision. In order to recruit those “extra-milers”, companies rely on clear communication to establish trust and engage with their employees.

91% of people work for a company they want to work for

7. Reach out to anyone in the industry. LinkedIn is your friend. Word-of-mouth job searching is still a tried-and-true method of finding work. The more you network, the more doors open. Also make sure to connect with your friends and co-workers on social media, such as LinkedIn to always stay engaged. And when writing emails, remember to keep it short, sweet and don’t be afraid to follow up.

8. An employee’s self-worth. Salary is still a factor in regards to taking a job, but as more people are becoming integrated in their work (thanks, social media), there are additional components that keep them coming back to their desk each morning — a feeling of self-worth and recognition. This falls back into realm of feeling like you’re part of the attractive company community: that your needs and well-being are taken into consideration for the good of the team.

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Are you looking to break in to the beauty world? What type of jobs are you looking for? Any tips?

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