A 24k Gold Spray, Swarovski-crystal Bikini Wax? Okay then!

A bushy Betty is really passé, girls. This Valentine’s Day has got to sizzle. I mean, 28/7.

You’ll need a glam updo for dinner, and a sexy down-do for the bedroom.

Completely Bare is offering an opulent bikini wax with 24k gold spray and Swarovski crystals to adorn your *ahem* for the big day. Er, night.

The Opulent Bikini Wax is available at all salons (it used to be available only at the flagship store). What will your “down under” receive? A full Completely Bare bikini wax, a 24k gold spray to give your skin extra shimmer and Swarovski crystals applied by hand in the design of your choice.

There are also two limited edition designs: a red Swarovski Crystal Heart or your significant other’s initials.

Here’s the best (or twisted) part. If you’re single, you can opt for a broken heart or a skull and crossbones.

Hey, Jack Sparrow would dig it.

Completely Bare Locations:

103 Fifth Ave, NYC; 764 Madison Ave; NYC, Barney’s New York; 25 Bond Street in NYC and 12 Chase Road, Scarsdale, NY