Ojon Launches Batana Collection: Body Cream and Shower Gel

Here’s a name synonymous with “excellence” in my books: Ojon.

This morning, in the freezing, Tundra-like weather, I attended a breakfast presentation at the United Nations where Ojon unveiled their newest launch — the Batana Collection. If you’re familiar with Ojon, you’ll know that the Tawira tribe of Central America is well-known for their luxurious, thick hair.

They tribe used a precious oil all over their body: for their face, hair, skin. The “oil” in the native Tawira language is known as “Batana.”

The Batana Body Cream retails for $40. PLEASE buy it. Like, forgo your weekly brunch and go buy it. I love this cream because of its super hydration and it leaves zero residue and goopiness. The cream contains a conglomerate of white cacao, shea and murmuru butters that promise to zealously moisturize.

It also contains Buruti oil that is extracted from the nut of the Buruti palm, and is rich in beta-carotene, omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, and plenty of antioxidants to make a blueberry blush.

It has been clinically proven to replenish skin’s hydration by 51%!!

The other product in the Batana Collection is the the Shower Gel, which is creamy yet sulfate free. It retails for $28.

I’m so happy that I have a shower gel and body lotion from the Ojon collection. I’m like an Ojon groupie. If they started a band, I would join.