A Beautiful Look at Monarchy's Bride-to-Be: Kate Middleton

By now, you know what the cat dragged out of the monarchy gossip bag: Prince William and Kate Middleton are indeed engaged to be married, with the wedding scheduled for 2011. Will the world finally have another Diana/Prince Charles style nuptials? Or will the ceremony be a bit more low key (we can’t imagine that Kate could ever have a Bridezilla moment)…?

We took a look at some of the beauty pages of Ms. Middleton to see if we could play connect the dots and guess what her “wedding day” look would be:

1. She’ll definitely have a strong, sexy eye: if there’s one thing we’ve noticed about Ms. Middleton, it’s that she can’t really say “no” to eye liner. We predict a hefty dose of eyeliner (gel or pencil) in her wedding album photo book.

2. Perfectly-sculpted brows: whether she’s out skiing or playing croquet, she knows and loves her brows. We are particularly partial to products from Elke Von Freudenberg’s The Model Brow collection to shape, trim and groom the jungle.

3. A strong russet colored lip: No matter what hair color she likes to rock, we bet we’ll see the bride to be with a strong russet colored lip, because it’s so fetching. To get a shade similar to the one Kate is sporting above, try Estee Lauder’s latest lipstick in Extravagant Berry.

4. Blonde or Brunette? The brunette has really never changed the color of her hair, but we’re wondering if she’ll go with her natural hair color or spring a surprise on her nuptials day…but she does look too much like Ms. Goody Two Shoes so we’re not holding our breath, not even for ombre.

5. Flawless skin: we don’t believe she even needs foundation. Good genes and a good catch? Now, that’s not really fair, is it?

Tell us your predictions on Kate Middleton’s wedding beauty look…if you care enough to care about the monarchy, that is.

– Charu Suri

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