Clarins Holiday 2010 Makeup: Barocco Collection (Before/ After)

“Festive makeup from a gilded era of style”

The limited edition Clarins Holiday 2010 Color is finally here! Barocco is based on the baroque period from the 16th and 17th centuries. Beautiful works of dramatic and daring arts in rich golds from this time in history inspired this holiday collection.

Upon first glimpse of this collection, I was immediately drawn to the packaging. The artwork is simply divine, and so truly vintage. We all want the cosmetics we use to live up to their claims but packaging is KEY to drawing us in. Right? Would you purchase shimmering powder packaged in a plain paper bag? I think not. With this particular collection, Clarins stayed true to the claim that this collection was inspired by such an artistic period.

As seen in the “After” photo, I am wearing the Barocco Face Palette, Barocco Shimmering Gold Powder and Barocco Rouge Prodige.

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The Barocco Face Palette: A soft, light compact powder with a scroll motif in peachy-pink and sandy-beige. This combination of the two shades is perfect for illumination the face or adding matte touches to the collection. Retail Price:$55

After using the Clarins’ Barocco Collection

I chose to apply this powder to my entire face so you could get the true effect of this color. I would not suggest this as a full face powder and as suggested by Clarins, I would use this to add touches of shade to your face. The palette is very pretty, but on my complexion it most definitely more on the peachy-pink side.

Barocco Shimmering Gold Powder for Face and Décolleté: An elegant black and gold powder box holds little nuggets dusted with golden pearl. With a sweep of the puff, they release a fine powder to beautifully enhance the skin with sparkling reflections. Retail Price:$35

I loved the look of the shimmering powder once applied however, be careful when opening the powder box as you’ll have shimmer in your hair, on the floor and on your clothing. I chose to use my own brush for this powder and thought it was a nice shimmer especially for those upcoming holiday parties.

Clarins Barocco Rouge Prodige: The purple velvet drapes of the Baroque period are the inspiration for the sublime, intense colour of this lipstick. The rich formula combines long-hold colour, extreme shine and total comfort. Retail Price: $24

From first glance, I expected this lipstick to be more of a shade of red however once applied, it took on a deep shade of pink. Despite expecting a different shade, I really loved this lipstick. It was easy to apply and wore well.

I think Clarins Limited Holiday 2010 collection is like a newly discovered work of art. I found this jewel striking and glamorous.

What do you think? Does this collection remind you of Paris and the Luxembourg Palace?

The Clarins Barocco Collection will be available November 2010 at Clarins counters nationwide and at

~Amelia Keith, author and editor of

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