A Facial Waterfall: New Payot Hydratation 24 Controle Long Lasting Hydrating Oil-Free Fluid Review

Almost every moisturizer on the planet promises superior hydration, from the lighter-than-gossamer fluids, to the heavy and thick creams.

The new Payot Hydratation 24 Controle deserves a spotlight completely to itself because it does what it promises, and then some (no, it won’t walk the dog for you, nor will it make your bed…sorry). On the slim, elegant and ergonomically-friendly bottle, you’ll see the words “Long lasting hydrating oil-free fluid” and this is reassuring to someone with problem skin.

It’s also reassuring to see the words “24 Controle” because this means the moisturizer works for 24 hours –with unpaid overtime. It also promises to erase lines formed by dehydration and assures you supple, soft baby skin.

So far, so good– all the promises bloom like crocuses on a spring day, but how does the product actually measure up? I’ve slathered, smeared and patted many a moisturizer on my face only to reapply or mist within a few hours.

Payot Hydratation 24 Controle Oil-Free Fluid

The verdict? Payot’s Hydratation 24 Controle is outstanding! While it does say it’s for dry and dehydrated skin, the fact that it’s oil-free means it’s also good for acne prone skin like mine. I put it on as a test two weeks ago and haven’t stopped using it since because it goes on light, and feels like a waterfall on your face. What’s more, your face is completely shine free after this process.

This product is modestly priced, at $52, and I would definitely say that compared to a lot of other moisturizers that I have used, this definitely lives up to the claims. It’s THAT good.

If you’ve tried it, leave us a comment below to tell us how you enjoyed the Payot experience. We love the gentle but effective line, but always want to know our readers’ thoughts.

– Charu Suri