(Review/Before/ After Photos): Alison Raffaele Introduces Incandescence Luminizers

In case you were wondering, makeup DOES matter. The proof is in the pudding.

A few weeks ago, I went to get a makeover from Alison Raffaele, makeup artist extraordinaire and someone who really knows her formulations. I was introduced to Alison’s products a few years ago at The Makeup Show and have become a diehard fan since then. Her products are not simply effective, they’re also true complexion care (hence, her branding).

I have a tendency to be super sensitive to just about everything: chemically-treated water, pollen, and virtually every harsh ingredient under the Tuscan sun. So, when a line promises natural and effective ingredients, I truly hope with a prayer and a rosemary bead that it does just that.

Alison took a look at my “before” face and went to work:

Alison Raffaele Launches Incandescence Luminzers BEFORE

Yes, what a mess indeed (Before)

After cleansing my skin, she applied the Face Forward Primer which is a high-tech primer with peptides and SPF 15. It also contains antioxidants, and helps to minimize pores while protecting your face from the elements. Quite a lot to pack into a primer, but this is what you can expect from a pharmacist’s daughter! Plus, it’s paraben free.

Then she used the Reality Base Foundation #5 which is a self-renewing formula; it refreshes itself and continually hydrates skin for more than 12 hours. Then, she applied the True Concealer in the same number (her tip is to always prime, apply foundation and finally concealer).

Alison Raffaele Incandescence Luminizer

Finally, she gave my skin a touch of bronzer and the new Incandescence Luminizer, which is perfect “cherry on top of a sundae” effect to your makeup routine. It gives your face a glow (not a shine) that’s truly radiant. The best way to use the Luminizer is to apply it to the apples of your cheeks– practically the same area you apply the blush.

So, take a look at my AFTER photo. Quite a transformation, wouldn’t you say?

Alison Raffaele Incandescence Luminizer After Photo

A “not over the top” makeover: understated and elegant

So, if you want to play makeovers, be sure to take a page or two from the expert, Alison Raffaele. To learn more about her line, visit her site. She also makes excellent tools and accessories as well.

Tried her products? Leave us a comment below to let us know how you liked them.

– Charu Suri