Are Glasses Sexy? Lenscrafters Launches Prescription Designer Sunglasses

64% of the American populace wear prescription glasses, but on 11% wear prescription sunglasses. Ergo, 88.5% of the glass-wearing community spend their time in the sun squinting from too much sun or blurry vision. With that bold fact, Lenscrafters grabs our attention and keeps it for the duration of their launch of their new line of prescription designer sunglasses. This in-your-face approach reflects the media style of the event’s hostess, Joan Rivers. After one too many late-night viewings of E!’s Fashion Police, I’m surprised to find Ms. Rivers kind of mild in person, with a cheerful glow about her.

Lenscrafters Tiffany Sunglasses

She worked the room calmly while the rest of us took a quiz to discover our style personality that would guide us to the right pair of luxurious frames for us. Once landing on the right pair, the consumer can have the regular lenses swapped out for their very owe prescription lenses, thus ending the dreaded squinting mentioned above. (It brings to mind my mom, who violently complains about her tired eyes with her single pair of Rx glasses, lamenting her lack of sun protection.) Besides the safety risks that come with impaired eyesight, there’s a motivation that’s much more vain. All my years of reading women’s magazines are not for nothing. Like any savvy woman, I know the best way to prevent crow’s feet is to wear a pair of sunglasses. So invest a little now to stave off investing in fillers later, and oh, yes, drive safely while seeing clearly. At they’ve uploaded the style quiz we took and will make frame recommendations based on your result, to get you on the road to a safe and stylish summer.

Do you think glasses make you more beautiful? Would you opt for the chance to get prescription lenses in your glasses? Tell us in the comments section below.

– Katharine McKenzie