Review: ESTEE LAUDER RE-NUTRIV Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting Serum

I’ve been hearing a lot about serums lately; serums are touted as the new Fountain of Youth, and their manufacturers are promising all kinds of amazing benefits. But do they deliver? That is the key question.

Review: ESTEE LAUDER RE-NUTRIV  Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting Serum

Estee Lauder’s Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lift Age Correcting Serum claims it can “repair, recharge and restore.” To achieve its lofty aims, it contains a mixture of Rock of Ages Algae (three billion years old and derived from Australian and South African fossils), EGT, an amino acid, the extract Silktare, and black tourmaline, a mineral—all in all, it sounds like quite a brew.

I used this product at night, applying it with the massage like motions indicated in the instructions, for about two weeks straight. Right away I noticed how quickly and easily absorbed it was, always a plus with me. Products (even costly ones) that sit on my skin like a layer of grease are not appealing. I don’t like the feel, and I don’t believe they are doing my complexion much good. So this serum scored points for absorption right off the bat. As for the other claims, the jury is still out. It might take longer to get the full effect, though I have noticed in a general way that my skin is looking good—fresh, youthful and not too tired or worn out.

So I am willing to believe that the serum is helping with overall skin texture and appearance. I plan to keep using it to see if I can derive even greater benefits such as the ones promised in the literature.

This product retails for $200 for a 1 oz. pump bottle.

– Yona McDonough

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