Are your lashes ready for a dip? LASH DIP debuts - Product Review

We’ve seen Latisse, eyeliner tattoos and now…lash dipping!

Yes, it looks like dipping your eye lashes is now the equivalent of letting them swim in color, feather by feather.

This technique came to our attention from one of our favorite bloggers, Diva Debbi, who tried this somewhat pricey fix in her home spa in Ossining, N.Y. The results are…no flaking, no dilution of color for an entire six weeks. Something that the bride-to-be might be interested in? We think so!

In order to get a treatment of LASH DIP, you’ll need to find an esthetician who is “Lash Dip” certified.

Read all about it here.Tell us, would you take the plunge?

Charu Suri

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