Avon's Mark Collaborates with Carlos Falchi

Avon’s mark line’s fashionable voice has always embraced trendsetters and celebrities, from Lauren Conrad and now, Carlos Falchi, who is designing a line called RIO just in time for Summer 2010 (April 27th to be exact).

We’re not allowed to spill the secrets just yet, but stay tuned for pictures from the collection as the online delivery date draws near.

The colors of the mark collaboration are so jungle, so Amazon and Brazil combined that they speak the language of Rubens, Lilly Pulitzer and Pucci in one single song. I am already in love with the blowsy tunic, the glitzy bags that can only be Falchi and the gold sandals.

And the price is RIDICULOUS. Almost as ridiculous as the Health Care Bill, but by golly, if you don’t snap up the entire inventory, I will.