Sephora by OPI Modern Flowers Collection Swatches

Everything is in bloom now (despite the weather advisory). We all need a touch of color just when the snow and ice warnings are in full effect, and that’s why I plucked these beautiful bottles off the shelves of Sephora today.

The Modern Flowers Collection is far from ancient, but it’s sweet enough to be girly yet flirty in time for Valentine’s Day:

Sephora by OPI Modern Flowers Collection

The bottles shown below come in the following colors:

Sephora by OPI Modern Flowers Collection

Iris I was thinner: a lovely mauve-like purple that’s deep and dark.

Go With the Flower: It’s a raspberry smoothie in a bottle.

It’s Bouquet With Me: not swatched. This reminded me of the exact same shade as Too Good For Him (which we reviewed earlier as part of our holiday swatches).

Cover Me in Petals: Just like American Beauty. This coral-red shade screams summer rose.

Handpicked for Me: My least favorite shade because it’s too watery and pale pink.

Leaf Him at the Altar: This one’s a real beauty of a leaf green shade.

Sephora Modern Flowers Collection

Each of these retails for $9 at