Beautiful Reasons To Shop at Whole Foods For Cosmetics, Makeup, Hair Care & Body Products

There are several reasons why women could splurge a little bit extra and shop for their beauty goods at Whole Foods. Here are some:

Lux Natural Soaps

a) Natural Soaps: Soaps in and of themselves are considered drying and stripping, but natural soaps like Lux impart a truly heavenly smell.

b) Brands that truly work with organic farmers: Lux Natural soaps have organic ingredients that come from the sources of the Whole foods Market, a market that depends on hard- working organic farmers. Just thinking about how hard these farmers work makes ME want to take a bath with their soap. When the soap touches my skin its renewing process begins and as the water washes it away my skin feels fresh.

c) Upscale look and feel: Going natural means not compromising on The different oils that give off a scent takes the place of any perfume you were planning to put on afterwards. In the case of Lux, it is more of an upscale cliental product that moisturizes the skin with a luxurious feel to it. There is a variety of colors that give of a relaxing vibe and just as it appears, the washing experience is soothing as well.

Mineral Fusion

d) Hypo Allergenic Products: Mineral Fusion’s line features hypo allergenic products including a refreshing gel cleanser. Another reason to shop Whole Foods: the products don’t irritate.
Would you spend extra money to purchase products from Whole Foods? Why or why not?

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