MAC Blogger Obsessions: An Interview with Lianne Farbes Of "The Makeup Girl" On "Hocus Pocus"

When M.A.C. introduced their recent Blogger Obsessions, we were thrilled that such a brand put the spotlight on a medium that is becoming increasingly credible and influential: the beauty blog. Nothing says “you’ve arrived” more than having a big beauty brand create a product you’ve envisioned.

Hats off to one of the best in the biz, blogger and makeup artist, Lianne Farbes of The Makeup Girl, who was selected as one of the bloggers to fly up to Canada and create her own eye shadow which she named Hocus Pocus ($14.50 and currently sold out).

Lianne Farbes wearing MAC Hocus Pocus Eye Shadow

Lianne wearing “Hocus Pocus”

We caught up with Lianne in a Q&A:

BeautyStat: What was your honest to gut first reaction when you knew your product would be created by M.A.C.?

Lianne Farbes: My honest gut reaction was utter disbelief, happiness and shock all at the same time. I was crying when I told my mother, she had to calm me down because she thought something was wrong. LOL! I actually had dreams of my submission being passed around isn’t that weird!?? It’s an honest to goodness “The Secret” moment that I will never forget.

BeautyStat: Tell us about the lab. How was it? Spill the deets. Who did you work with to create the product?

Lianne Farbes: The lab was amazing and totally top secret! There were things we could and could not take pics of because the way they make things is proprietary. But we were totally without a net too which was very freeing. I was assigned a chemist (we all were) and they were like the coolest kids in the class. They had an absolute LOVE for color, mixing color and color payoff. I think they were just as excited about being able to work from a freehand blank slate as we were.

BeautyStat: What made you come up with a sooty-gray shade? What was the inspiration?

Lianne Farbes: Well grey was primarily because I think it’s an easier way to wear a smokey eye than something darker like black. It’s universally flattering and can look different on everyone with virtually the same result. My inspiration is rooted in the classic smokey eye, my readers always ask how to do it but I think it scares them a little bit. I wanted to create one thing that would be a one step shadow to get that look. You can sweep it across the lashline and blend upwards and you’re done.

BeautyStat: Tell us why you think it sold out.

Lianne Farbes: Hmmm….that’s a good question. I think people were kind of like “ehhh” when they saw it because they couldn’t SEE it in person. But once I posted swatches and the people/bloggers that bought it posted swatches and looks online thats when it took off. I have been active in the community as well, they were GREAT with the swatches/looks. I think it was super important to show what the shades looked like on skin as ALL of them look very different in the pan vs. the way it does on skin.

BeautyStat: How can readers get their hands on Hocus Pocus?

Lianne Farbes: As you mentioned, currently it is sold out BUT I got word from M.A.C. last week that there wil be a second production run of the entire collection. They are setting up a waitlist for the items that are sold out over the next few weeks.

BeautyStat: What is next in the works for you? Anything you can share?

Lianne Farbes: I am taking everything one day at a time…I will tell you that I loved the experience of creating my own shade so I have the bug for sure 😉

Thanks Lianne! Catch her on Twitter at @LianneFarbes. For more M.A.C., browse the brand’s high- wattage Glamglass collection.

– Charu Suri

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