Beauty Boost: EBoost Energy Drink

Everyone has those emergencies. The all-nighters and eighty-hour work weeks can tempt even the healthiest of health nuts to turn a blind eye to the aspartame on the ingredients label and reach for a can of sugar-free Redbull. And I mean the giant, five-dollar one, not the tiny sensible serving. In times of need I myself have indulged in a little taurine and B-vitamin fueled energy boost, only to stay wired awake and cranky long after said time of need had ended. I want to take a nap now just thinking about it.

The creators of EBOOST wanted to permanently end that despair that can only be remedied by a snoozefest. Their effervescent powders marry the energy shot from Redbull with the healthy smarts of Emergen-C. The pilot flavor, orange, contains vitamins C, B6 and B12, green tea extract, and potassium for citrusy pick-me-up. The pink lemonade flavor that followed contains all those, but replaces sucralose with stevia for a more benign form of sweetening, and since it is pink, 10% of the proceeds of this product go to the National Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The acai-pomegranate flavor further builds on this by adding reservatrol and quercetin for an extra hit of of antioxidants The cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants bolster immunity, aide mental focus, and of course, supply energy. In short, they keep a body running and running well.

I go through this pedigree of EBOOST to prep for the latest addition to their energizing arsenal, the Super Berry Liquid Shot ($39 for a pack of 12.) It keeps the ingredients listed above and adds extracts of blueberry, blackberry, mango, maqui, and grape seed to give synthetically manufactured energy shots a run for their money. Like all the other EBOOST products, it’s available at certain retailers and gyms, Equinox being among them.

To test the effects of this newest creation, EBOOST invited the writers and editors of NYC to try the Super Berry shot and then participate in one of Equinox’s group classes; I opted for modern dance. A quick word about Equinox: I’ve always gravitated more towards McDonald’s than McGyms, but atmosphere was restful, the staff friendly, and the class challenging without being frightening. The berry shot carried me through the class and my weeknight evening slump, but how would the shot weather the night? I worried briefly about staying up all night, then promptly fell asleep. Question answered.

To find out more about EBOOST and where to buy it, visit If Equinox piqued your interest, visit them at to look for a gym near you.

Tell us, do you have an energy or beauty drink every day to get you off to a peppy start?

Katharine McKenzie

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