Beauty News: COVERGIRL Announces Girls Can Campaign With Journalist, Soledad O’Brien -- Turn Your 'Cant's' Into 'Cans'

Beauty News: COVERGIRL Announces Girls Can Campaign With Journalist, Soledad O’Brien -- Turn Your 'Cant's' Into 'Cans'

For its brand-new Girls Can movement, a mission to help girls overcome barriers to break boundaries, COVERGIRL announces a groundbreaking partnership with renowned journalist and documentarian Soledad O’Brien.

The partnership also includes her production company, Starfish Media Group, and the Soledad O’Brien and Brad Raymond Starfish Foundation – which shares the same commitment to the advocacy for empowerment of young women. Starfish Media Group and O’Brien will create and produce a content series of true, untold stories, exploring some of the biggest challenges that young women face in achieving their dreams when it comes to pursuing higher education, going into their chosen field of work or building a business.

This content series will follow the lives of several young women and include lessons learned by some of the women who have succeeded through O’Brien‘s foundation. The Foundation‘s mission is to provide hard-working young women with the resources necessary to succeed, and provides educational scholarships and individualized mentoring for 25 young women every year. The series will focus on how the young women create change in their lives as well as provide a guide for what people everywhere can do to get involved and empower women to turn “can’t” into “can”. This content series will be rolling out in the coming months.

COVERGIRL is looking for all women to get involved and join the conversation about turning “cant’s” into “cans” especially for young women who want to break-through in non-traditional fields or those in which women are underserved.

During the Olympics Closing Ceremony, the COVERGIRL brand debuted a motivational video starring COVERGIRLs Queen Latifah, Ellen, P!nk, Sofia Vergara, Becky G, Katy Perry and Janelle Monae, to kick off the #GirlsCan movement and start a conversation about what girls CAN do when they refuse to let life’s “can’ts” hold them back. Part of this movement is a dialogue with young women where COVERGIRL seeks to discover the barriers and boundaries that girls across the country have overcome in order to help tailor Girls Can programming to the wants and needs of women.

To join the Girls Can movement, women are invited to share the can’t they turned into can at #GirlsCan!

Are you going to share your can moment with COVERGIRL?

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