BeautyStat Community Offers Best Tips And Reviews The Best At-Home Hair Color Products

If you color your hair at home, how committed are you to a certain brand? Will you only use the same one? Or do you switch up depending on sales/coupons/specials/friend recommendations?

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Nadia A Saar I use the same brand (loreal feria) constant switching can cause botched color results and no one needs that.

Andrea Diaz ‎.i work out of my house and i only use one color line….and if a client wants another brand, i take them to cosmo prof and they buy it! i let them know that i am not comfortable with other brands and if their hair doesnt come out well than thats on them. im ruthless hahah.

Valerie Marshall It depends. In my youth, I would be loyal to a certain brand, color, etc. Now I go with a lot of recommendations. Never thought about how I’ve changed in thinking about coloring.

Melissa Bordelon I was very committed to Loreal products until here just recently I went to Sallys and bought my own color and developer and mixed them myself , and I have to say Its way better than the boc colors they have inthe store.. Loreal does sell colors at sally also, but I chose another one that had karetine (sp ? ) in it!!

Clairol Nice N Easy

Cheri Leathers-Snyder NUTRA-TINT from Whole Foods!! just discovered about two yrs ago…a vegetable based dye…no ammonia…no yucky smell that gives me a headache! to keep my blonde…super blonde…i have to do my roots every 4 to 5 weeks……so i feel better about less chemicals….its an AWESOME product!!

Tonya Ajwa I wont do my hair on my own did that once it turned Green, so i just go to my neighborhood salon Fringe they dont mess up….

Jennifer Nall ︵✭ I use Garnier most of the time. Every time I stray, I regret it.

Cindy Hall I don’t color (rootage) as often as I should so I used to change them up depending on the coupons I have. I will probably be doing the roots more often I will probably stick with one brand more. Right now it’s Nice N Easy.

Dinah ‘Raekwon’ Hall I love Feria’ Bright Black! Multitonal blue blackest black – uber awesomeness!

Mary Eleazar i cover a lot of grey, so my choices depend on wether or not they stay covered. Nice & easy still covers the best, but i’ve been known to be swayed by a sale, only to regret it in 2 weeks. But i keep my hair boy-short, so it’s never a problem.

Cecelia Go Cardz Uriarte Ive been using redken for awhile now o love there color n prpducts

Deborah Finkelstein I usually go to the beauty supply and buy 3 – 4 bottles of of REDs and yes, based on price, so my hair color changes slightly sometimes based on the price of the colors I chose.

Beth Brackett-Whaley Im committed to Samy Fat Foam hair color simply bc the color seems to last longer & it doesnt fade like other brands i’ve used.

Kayla Block I use whatever based on price

BeautyStat Community Offers Tips And Reviews The Best At-Home Hair Color Products

M. Nannette St I am committed to one brand/color. I was always picky about brands because not all colors work for African American hair. I am now locked into a brand/color because it gives me the color I want and last longer than others.

Sarah Lynn Paradis I use a different brand when i go a different color prefferece is best 4 blonde but feria is better for black or red i use clarol 4 bleaching n splat for pink purple blue n green

Shameka R Traylor Switch 🙂

Kim Snyder I use whatever brand my hairstylist is using. We only do highlights and sometimes we play around with a little color. But nothing more than that for me

Tina Banta I use the same one…people compliment me on it, so why change? it must work. would love to be able to go to a salon & pamper myself sometime!

Patricia Ann Mraovich Clairol mainly…Hydrience today I did. I liked the pre moisturising packing, then the coloring, and six treatments of super moisturizing the hair tube. Nice package.

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